Welcome to MOBB!

I don’t know what type of associations that might pop in your head when seeing our name for the first time, but let me assure you – we are not troublemakers!

Rather the opposite. Our sincere ambitions are to help you solve problems and to find new ways to develop your business by leveraging mobility. MOBB stands for Mobilized Business. MOBB is the acronym derived from those two words, and it is the shortest pitch we could come up with that describes our company – or rather that describes . . . a revolution . . .

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A revolution is when fundamental changes take place within a relatively short time. Since the industrial revolution our society has experienced a numbers of fundamental changes caused by new inventions and technologies. In 1973 IBM launched what at least some called the first commercial PC. I was 5 years old back then. Today I am 45. 40 years with computers took us to the highly digital age of today.

The latest wave of the digital revolution began the 9th of January 2007 – the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. The entry of smartphones and tablets have radically accelerated the digitalisation of our lives and companies – and it only took 7 years. . .

We love our smartphones and our tablets. We can’t live without being connected to our friends and all types of news and entertainment. Most of us are open and positive to letting companies, organisations, and authorities reach us through our mobile devices. Furthermore, recent studies show that 80% of us are using our smartphones at work one way or another.

Mobilized Business is a newly established company, but we hardly see ourselves as a start-up. Everyone involved has a long journey behind him or her from telecom, marketing, digital and mobile. We prefer to look at ourselves as a part of the digital evolution; we are a “Taking the next step”-company.

We know a lot about what mobile can do to strengthen your business, but equally important – we believe we can help you in the process of transforming from within – to become a true mobile company, from the core.

To all potential partners, employees and customers sharing our mobile vision – Let the journey begin!







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